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anniversary messages



Touch Their Heart

It doesn't matter
where you go in life...
It's who you have beside you.

Some day I ,too, hope to find someone 
to annoy for the rest of my life!
Happy Anniversary

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Love ......

Love Isn't a Matter of

Counting the Years,

It's Making the Years Count.

Never go to bed mad.

Stay up and fight

In celebration of

all the wonderful times together.

Past, present and future.

Love Is Not Measured in

Moments of Time,

But in Timeless Moments.

Happy Anniversary

"Married life teaches

one invaluable lesson:

to think of things far enough

ahead not to say them."

~Jefferson Machamer

This Is What Love Looks Like
Happy Anniversary!

Many years of

love and laughter

You two taught me

the four most important words

in any marriage: "I'll do the dishes."

Always and Forever...

That's How Long

I'll Love You

Thanks For Showing Us

How It's Done.

Mom And Dad

25 Years of Marriage

Happiness is not perfect,

until it is shared.

Happy Anniversary!


Nana and Pop

50 Years of Loving,

Caring and Sharing

You've Made Every Moment

Worth Remembering

Two Hearts

One Love




.... Years of Happiness,

Adventure and Fun

May you always be

each other's greatest gift!

Happy Anniversary!

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