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Most of our store's items can be engraved with text, photos or both. If you're not sure if we can make your ideas happen, contact us before ordering.

We try to keep an open mind and are keen to help you.


Purchasing great gifts for christening and baby gifts online

Are you presently wondering what to gift your godson/god daughter in his/her christening ceremony? While it is quite easy to buy gifts from online stores which saves a lot of your time, choosing the gift can be a strenuous task sometimes. The French have this tradition to gift a bracelet or a medal with the baby’s name on it and it becomes a tad difficult to find the right design and type in brick and mortars. But, in renowned online stores like Engraved Memories you can order the specific type of bracelet you need for the occasion. Silver gifts are beautiful for christening ceremonies but it is not mandatory to gift expensive silver or gold every time. You can buy some great gifts for christening and baby gifts online without spending a fortune.

Personalized gifts are ruling the century. If you don't know what they are yet, then you are really missing out on a lot. These are beautiful inexpensive gifts made special by cute engravings on them. You can engrave the gift items with anything ranging from names and date of birth or a nice quote or even images to enhance the effect. Then that small souvenir turns into something that competes with all the riches in the world. Personalized christening gifts are the best thing one can buy for his/her godson/daughter. The child can either wear it into adulthood or shelve it as a memorable keepsake from his/her godfather/mother. The online stores offer lucrative discounts on great gifts for christening and baby gifts so that you can choose the perfect gift for the baby without straining your resources. But, you have to find a reliable gift store before you purchase anything online. Sites like Engraved Memories go that extra mile to meet their customers’ requirements and you get on time deliveries of the personalized gifts.

What are the type of gifts you can buy for the baby?
If you opt for an online store to buy christening gifts, you will get numerous options to select from. You can buy pendants with the child’s photo engraved on it and a simple text, say a beautiful quotation that the child can wear all throughout his/her life. Or, you can gift a special silver christening bangle with the name and date of birth of the child engraved on it. Sometimes, gifting engraved toys as keepsake also turn out to be really special gifts reminding the child of his/her infancy every time he/she looks at it. In short you can gift anything and everything with a personalized touch to it and Lo! The gift turns super special. Choose your favorite design of best personalized gift and make your godson/daughter’s christening ceremony a memorable event.

Chic and cheap personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved

Do something NICE this Valentine! Buy your loved ones something that triggers emotions, something that makes them feel how much you care for them. And what can be better than an engraved memento or a heart pendant with her name on it? Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? If you have any other thing in mind, well and good. But personalised gifts [...]

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Engraved jewellery- a priceless Mother’s Day gift

Some things in life are priceless. Like the smile on a loved one’s lips, the spark in his or her eyes, the first drops of rain after a dry season or your mother’s embrace. These things cannot be bought with money. Therefore, when you are thinking about what to gift your mom on Mother’s day, [...]

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Ideal Christmas gifts for your family and friends

Christmas season is here and most people have already started making preparations. So, what are you buying your family or friends this Christmas? Now, not that face again! Don’t say that you have not thought about it yet. Well, if you haven't really given much thought to what you are going to buy as Christmas gifts, you have plenty of [...]

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Find cheap bracelets online for sale

A lot of people love to wear jewelleries. Jewelleries have special significance in every culture. People are known to wear jewelleries from as early as the stone age where jewelleries were mainly necklaces and bracelets made out of animal bones, teeth or stones. Jewelleries enhance the beauty of the person wearing it. In modern times, light weight jewelleries are worn by [...]

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Personalised pendants to surprise your loved ones

What is a pendant? Oh what a stupid question, right? All of us know what a pendant is? Well, this question was necessary. Why? Just read along and you will come to know. A pendant is a small piece of crafted jewelry that is hung from a light chain to enhance the effect of that chain. If you take a [...]

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Buy christening gifts for babies online

Christening is a vital ceremony in Christian household after the birth of a child. Christening is a holy ceremony where a child is blessed with baptism and holy water of the church is sprinkled on the child to cleanse away all the sins. Christening ceremony in the church is followed by a party where friends and family come over to [...]

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Significance of personalised bracelets

Jewelleries increase the beauty of a person by making them look charming. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like jewelleries. You can wear jewellery anywhere, when you are at home or you are in office or you are attending a party. Lightweight jewelleries are good for everyday wear and they do not make you look like you are overdoing it. [...]

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Welcome to Engraved Memories!

Keeping memories alive We create individualized gifts for any special occasion, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations. As a family business based in London we produce one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring family photos of children and pets.Our high quality engraving Technics can help you add impact to your business or private events with [...]

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