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dad - father's day messages




Touch Their Heart

Every kid needs a hero to look up to.

Dad, thanks for being mine.

"A father is a banker

provided by nature."

I'm the father I am because

you're the father you are.

For Our Dad,

Who Gave Us the World!

We Love You.

Born to Golf,

Made to Work

Dad, I'll Always Be

Your Little Girl

Anyone Can Be a Father.

It Takes Someone Special

To Be a Dad.

It's Your Day, Dad.

Mom Called The Other 364.

Dad, I learned to be a father

by watching the amazing things you do.

My Father, My Hero.

Happy Father's Day.


Happy Father's Day.

Your Favorite Son, ......

A truly rich man

is one whose children

run into his arms

when his hands are empty.

Dad, Thanks for Teaching Me

Everything I Know.

I Can't Imagine a Better Father

Official Dad

With The Empty

Pockets To Prove It

"The love

of a family

is life's greatest blessing"

A father is someone you look up to,

No matter how tall you are.


You are the Best Dad in the World!

Some dads can do it all.

Thanks for being one of them.




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