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love messages




Touch Their Heart

You hold

the key

to my heart.

I love you

like a fat kid

loves cake!

Love is holding your hand.

Love is stealing kisses.

Love is knowing glances.

Love is what I feel for

you every single day.

You + Me =

Meant To Be


There. I said it!

Love is two souls

and one heart.

The best thing

about me

is you!

I love you

more than football.

Dreams do come true.

I found you.

Love, ....

"Love is like a butterfly:

It goes where it pleases,

and it pleases

wherever it goes."

That feeling down deep...

It's either love or indigestion.

I love every
moment with you

Je t'aime. Te quiero. Ti amo.

No matter how you say it,

I love you!

I loved you at first fight.

I've never been happier

than I am when I'm with you

I am always

by your side.

Love, .....


A picture is worth a thousand words

But I only need three? I love you.

I've fallen in love many times...

always with you.


Make my dreams come true.

Will you marry me?


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