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Wedding messages - Bridesmaid




Touch Their Heart

Thanks For Standing Beside Me

And They Lived

Happily Ever After.


Friends make life more beautiful

We Live Our Lives in Moments.

Thanks for Being a Part of Ours.

Forever is a loooooong time!

Good luck you guys!


Thank you for always being there.

True Friendship Is Priceless

Ben: Remember, she's always right.

Claire: Remember, you're always right.


There is no compass for life,

but our friends guide us well.

Thank you for being my best friend.

Our Wedding Was

Even More Special

With You In It.

Love, Jane

Keep Getting In Trouble.

Never Give Up On Adventure!


I thank God every day for giving me

a best friend and bridesmaid like you.

Thank you for being a

beautiful friend & bridesmaid.

Talk about limiting your options:

"Til Death Do Us Part"


Bridesmaid Today.
Friend Forever.

My Sister, Maid of Honor

and Best Friend.

I Love You So Much!

Love, ......

Wishing You all the Best

in your new life together!

In Celebration of

the Marriage of...


"A true friend knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you when
you've forgotten the words!"
Love, ......

You'll always be my best friend.

You know too much.

Wishing You a Lifetime

of Happiness Together


God made us sisters.
Our hearts made us
best friends!


May your love grow

more beautiful with

each passing year.

True friends recognize
each other in a heartbeat.



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