If you're like most people, you take great pride in your jewellery collection. Whether it's a few pieces that are special to you or a large and diverse collection, it's important to take care of your Engraved Memories jewellery so that it will last for many years.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your jewellery piece:

  • Avoid getting your jewelry in direct contact with any chemicals. This includes household cleaners, pool chemicals and other harsh chemicals.
  • Make sure to keep your jewelry away from perfume, hairspray and moisturizer. These can contain chemicals that can damage or tarnish your jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery in the swimming pool and shower. The chlorine in pool water can damage many types of precious metals
  • Should you wish to clean your  jewellery, we recommend using a silver polishing cloth which will remove any tarnish, grease or debris.
  • Don't store your jewellery next to sharp metallic or abrasive objects.


Follow these steps and you'll enjoy wearing your unique Engraved Memories piece of jewellery for years to come.