Personalised Kissing Giraffe Socks


Don’t just kiss and tell, talk through your feet! Our Personalised Kissing Giraffe Socks are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone looking to spice things up in a funny and memorable way. These romantic cotton socks showcase two adorable giraffes stealing a loving smooch. This pair of socks features a giraffe on each sock with a heart symbol between them, to show their love for each other.

Under this each beautiful giraffe a name will be written (two in total one per sock) in capital letters. It will be printed onto your romantic socks by our amazing team of artisan specialists for a super cute gift they’ll treasure forever.

What better way to profess your love than with an unforgettable gift they can wear?

Choose the design you’d like:
  • Male and Female Giraffe - Men’s
  • Male and Female Giraffe - Women’s
  • Two Male Giraffes
  • Two Female Giraffes

Name 1: Up to 12 characters
Name 2: Up to 12 characters


Men’s Socks: 40cm x 10cm
Women’s Socks: 35cm x 10cm

Materials: Cotton